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The aim of this package is to provide a two-way connection between Innovations in Fundraising Wiki and an Airtable database. The database stores part of the content that is published on the Wiki: mostly structured content such as evidence for particular innovation tools and bibliographic references. The package provides a way to access this content in the database and post it to the Wiki in various formats, i.e. as tables, pages or forms that can be filled in by users that wish to contribute.

Currently mostly the database-to-wiki connection is implemented. That is, all the changes to the database-driven content need to be done inside the database and then pushed to the wiki. In the future we plan to implement a wiki-to-database connection that would allow content from the wiki to be pushed to the database. For the time being this connection exists only for page template definition, i.e. the template for each of the database-driven pages can be defined on the wiki and this gets fetched and used during page generation.

Furthermore, we started implementing functions for the database-to-database manipulation, in which part of the columns can be updated based on other columns during regular wiki updates.

Note: The package requires Python 3.


  • Create new tables and pages on the wiki based on the database content

  • Update existing wiki tables and pages based on changes to the database content


main wikimanager wikicontents


If you are having issues, please let us know in the Issue Tracker.


The project is licensed under the BSD license.

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